The Ebert Family in Denmark

The EBERT family originally comes from Germany, where the name is relatively common, contrary to Denmark, where it is rather unusual.The family name EBERT belongs to the relatively large group of German family names, which originally, that is in the 11th Century was a pre name/first name. Around the 13th. century it gradually became a family name.

At the same time and in reality until present days, a parallel development took place, whereby the Ebert name underwent several changes due to typing and writing errors and misunderstanding of the pronunciation. It is highly likely, that many family names today like Evert, Ewert, Evers, or Eberth originally came from Ebert. Within our own branch of the Ebert family, it has been detected, that as late as in 1940 a family members name was wrongly stated to be Eberth in the Church record, even though he was baptised and spent his whole life under the name Ebert.

In relation to the glassmaker profession, the Ebert name has especially been traced to the state of Mechlenbourg-Vorpommern in the present Federal Republic of Germany. Several members of the Ebert family migrated to this part of Germany from the more southern parts of the glass producing areas of Germany.

The first written evidence of a glassmaker named Ebert was the skilled glassmaker HANS EBERT. He worked in a glass hut named Toddin in the County (Kreis) Hagenow, around 30 kilometres south of the town Schwerin, the capital of today’s Mechlenbourg. The first glass hut in this area of Germany started its production around 1620. HANS EBERT was probably born around 1610-20. It has not been possible to verify exactly where, but may be in Toddin. The dividing lines between the various professions was very sharp at that time, and it was almost unthinkable that he wasn’t born into a family of glass makers. The glass hut in Toddin had just started its production in 1610.

During the period 1655-57 the glass hut in Toddin was run by Master Jost Gundelach, and he had 9 skilled glass workers HANS EBERT, who worked for him It was stated that he was married. His wife’s name was not given at any time.

The economic development was sluggish, the European 30-years war came to an end in 1648, but it took some time before the economy picked up. During the years 1664-68 HANS EBERT still worked at the Toddin glass hut. It was stated that he was still married and that he had 2 children. Their names was not given.

In 1674 HANS EBERT had changed his working place to the glass hut Gottesgabe, situated about 10 kilometres west of Schwerin. He was still married, but he was described as an “old, sick and frail man, his wife did the cooking for the glass hut”.

In 1674 a skilled glassmaker by the name of JOST EBERT worked at glass hut Stück, located about 5 kilometres south of Gottesgabe. His employer was Master Jost Gundelach. The probability, that JOST EBERT was a son of HANS EBERT and had got work at his fathers former employer is very big. The cohesion between the glassworkers was very marked. The workers often followed the employer if he decided to open a glass hut in a different place. Besides, aforementioned glass huts was located close to each other. One never moved far in period. The names given is another strong indication. HANS EBERT had in all likelihood called his son after his employer Jost. This is a tradition, which is noticeable during the next 200-300 years.

During the years 1677-82 JOST EBERT continued to work as glassmaker at Stück, but he had now married. His wife’s name was not stated in writing.

After 1683 no more written documentation has been found about HANS EBERT, and the name of the Cook at Gottesgabe was different. Neither JOST EBERT has been traceable. HANS EBERT had probably died. He would have been about 60-70 years old. This assumption is very likely in view of, among other things, the hard work.

In 1695 a married, skilled glassworker by the name CLAUS EBERT worked at the glasshut PERLIN, a couple of kilometres south of Gottesgabe. He was probably also a son of HANS EBERT and brother to JOST EBERT. However he could also be a son of JOST EBERT, but it is less likely. Apart from the fact that CLAUS EBERT was married, no other information has been found about his wife and possible children.

The next written record about the EBERT-glassmakers is the skilled glassmaker HANS JOST EBERT. He was born around 1726 since he died in 1794 with the age of 68 at the glasshut in Vielist in the County WAREN in the eastern part of the present state of Mechlenbourg-Vorpommern in the northern part of Germany. Where his is born is not known. However his given names and the name-giving tradition in the family, his work place exactly at the same glasshut, where so many of the other EBERT-glassmakers, and who belonged to our family, also worked and later emigrated to Denmark is very strong indications, that all these EBERT’s belong to our direct ancestors.

His son (?) The glassmaker JOHANN HEINRICH EBERT was born about 1752 and died on October 29. 1818 in the Glasshut in Vielist. He married Cathrine Elisabeth Timm, a farmers daughter (probably) about 1785, and around 1787 they moved to Vielist. JOHAN’S father, HANS JOST EBERT, and 2 elder brothers had already moved to this Glasshut some years before. JOHANN and CATHRINE got the following years 5 children, but only one lived to adulthood.

That was his son, AUGUST FRIDERICH CHRISTIAN EBERT born in Vielist on August 13th 1801 as the youngest. He became a glassworker as all his uncles and own father and married in 1825 in the protestant church in the neighbouring village of Levenstorf. The following years they got 1 daughter and 5 sons. In November-December 1847 the whole family emigrated to Denmark. August had sought work as a glassmaker at KASTRUP GLASVÆRK on the island of Amager near Copenhagen. KASTRUP GLASSVORKS started to produce glass bottles in the month of December 1847. Because of the production technique at that time all skilled glass workers was offered housing adjacent to the glasshut and a plot of land, where they could cultivate vegetable and raise a cow or two. All the sons of AUGUST EBERT and CHRISTINE SCHMUEL also became skilled glassworkers or got work in connection with the KASTRUP GLASVÆRK.

Their second youngest son, ADOLPH JULIUS ALBERT EBERT, who was born on 3 September 1835 in Blankensee i Forpommern in Germany, married in September 1859 in TAARNBY near Copenhagen, FRIDERIKKE CAROLINE EMILIE KESSMEYER, a daughter of another glassmaker. Her father had migrated to Denmark in the 1830's from HOLSTEN, which was then a part of the Kingdom of Denmark. Adolph and Frederikke got 2 children, before Frederikke died during birth giving in September 1879.

LOUIS EMIL ARTHUR EBERT, the youngest son of ADOLPH and FREDERIKKE was born on January 20, 1861 and became also a skilled glassworker. He married very young on 10th. December 1882 in Helsingør ADELHEIDE ELISABETH EMMA LUDWIG, a daughter of another skilled glassmaker, The LUDWIG-family had migrated to Denmark already in the 1830ies from WESTPHALEN in Germany, to the then first Danish glasshut. It was located at Holmegård in the southern part of Zealand. LOUIS and ADELHEIDE got only 2 children, a boy and a girl. The boy was baptised EMIL ADOLPH LUDVIG EBERT on 12. February 1893 in a church at Østerbro in Copenhagen. As the first member of the EBERT-family, Emil did not become a skilled glass worker. He educated as a bookkeeper and accountant. He got later a job as chartered accountant. However he married MARY CAROLINE FREDERIKKE KOHLENBERG the daughter of a another skilled glassmaker. Her parents had migrated to Denmark in 1856 to another Glaswork which had just been set up in ÅLBORG.

MARY and EMIL EBERT only got one son, WILLY EMIL EBERT (born 1910). He was educated as an electrical technician and business/trades man. Later he bought a Shooting Gallery at the entertainment Park, Dyrehavsbakken (BAKKEN), north of Copenhagen. Willy married in September 1934 Gerda Margrethe Rasmussen, a farmers daughter from the western part of Fyn, who had moved to Copenhagen together with the whole family around the year 1900. Together they got 2 sons KURT and FINN EBERT

KURT EBERT married in September 1962 in Oslo in Norway, the Norwegian citizen SIGNE HAMER. They got 3 children, TORIL KAREN EBERT, LARS PETER EBERT and BJØRN ERIK EBERT.

TORIL KAREN EBERT gave birth to a daughter on 31st of May 1993 at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen in Denmark. This daughter was baptised SIGNE MARIE DEGN on 10th October 1993 in the Saint Andreas Church in Copenhagen.

SIGNE MARIE DEGN is thereby with absolutely certainty the 9th generation Ebert in direct line. With some uncertaincy about the direct line she is 12th generation EBERT in a family, which has been traced about 400 years back in time.

Kurt Ebert
Copenhagen, March 25th 2001.